Reimers Systems Inc

Founded in 1994, Reimers Systems Inc. has grown to become an industry leader in hyberbaric and hypobaric equipment sales and manufacture. It was created out of the remains of a previous company, Reimers Engineering Inc, and most of the personnel from that previous company took their experience with them into the new one. The owners of the new company decided that they needed to specialize, and so concentrated on supplying the medical community. In addition to the hypobaric and hyperbaric equipment, Reimers also sells related supplies, such as breathing simulators for life support equipment testing. They carry oxygen supply equipment for monoplace hyperbaric chamber installations in the form of portable liquid oxygen cylinders. They also offer to build oxygen generating capabilities into any of their hyperbaric chambers, allowing the facilities these chambers are installed in to operate independently of the local oxygen supply. In fact, Reimers was the pioneer of on-site oxygen generation.

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