Reimers Systems 8400E Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The Reimers 8400E Series is a small hyperbaric chamber that can accommodate between seven to eight patients, with additional space to hold an attendant.

Product Description

One of the first steps to take when searching for a new hyperbaric chamber or oxygen treatment center for your patients is to select a reputable brand. While there are many manufacturers of these systems, Reimers Systems Inc. is at the head of the pack. This reputable company has been working hard to innovate and manufacture new systems to meet the varied needs of its clients for almost two decades, and one of its most popular models is the Reimers 8400E Series.

While making the decision to invest in a model from a reputable company like Reimers Systems Inc. may be easy to do, making the decision about which model to invest in may require a little more effort. The Reimers 8400E Series is a smaller model that can accommodate between seven to eight patients, and there is additional space to hold an attendant. While spacious inside, it does have a smaller footprint than some of the other models available from this company.

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  • A rectangular door to promote ease of entrance and exit from the chamber
  • Six port windows measuring 10-inches in diameter for easy viewing into or out of the chamber
  • Three lights inside the main lock area and an additional light in the entry lock
  • Up to 6.5 ATA with a pressurization rate of 6 PSI per minute
  • Fire suppression feature with deluges and bypasses for superior safety
  • Four station phone for excellent communication
  • Video monitoring capabilities
  • Patient entertainment center

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