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When it comes to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it's assumed to be only for human use. However, Equine Oxygen Therapy has proven quite successfully that is not the case. Based in the heart of horse country in Lexington, Kentucky the company is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of hyperbaric oxygen chambers not only for horses, but other companion animals as well. This therapy, used with other forms of animal care, has allowed significant improvements to be made in treating many conditions including surgical trauma, nervous system damage, bone infections and countless others. Because of this technology, remarkable progress has been made in treating animals within the past several years. To become the best, the company has developed a series of treatment protocols considered the best in the world. Based on more than 10,000 treatments, they set the standard for how hyperbaric oxygen treatment should be used with animals. As a supporter of university research projects on the subject, the company has shown itself to be one with a caring heart and a desire to be on the lookout for the next treatment and technological breakthrough. By building the safest, most reliable and most advanced chambers Equine Oxygen Therapy can say that all of its chambers are fully functional and able to provide years of quality service to a variety of four-legged patients. Unlike some other companies, Equine Oxygen Therapy does not just sell a machine and run. Once a machine is sold to a vet practice or other facility, Equine becomes a partner for life. From engineering to technical training of hospital staff by experienced trainers, Equine is with you every step of the way to ensure patients get the best possible care and staff are completely comfortable with caring for them.
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