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PCCI Hyperbaric Systems (PHS) is a division of PCCI, Inc. solely dedicated to the design, engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair of hyperbaric chambers, hypobaric chambers, breathing simulators, medical airlocks for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), medical air locks, manlocks and related systems for commercial and Government clients. The PHS division was established to serve the hyperbaric industry by acquiring the assets of Reimers Systems, Inc. and combining it with PCCI’s existing hyperbaric systems experience supporting the U.S. Navy. This combined entity provides over 45 years of hyperbaric/hypobaric chambers design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance experience on over 200 monoplace and multiplace chambers. Our Mission is to exceed industry standards, place occupant safety as our highest priority, demonstrate commitment to best practices, and build upon our globally recognized quality and value in the products and support systems we produce.

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