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One of the more challenging aspects of operating a hyperbaric chamber is navigating the list of safety regulations that must be followed.  The room where the chamber is placed must be cleared by a fire marshall ensuring that it meets all of the safety requirements set in place for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Often times, it is necessary to build a brand new room to code, which can be time consuming and expensive.  Below, we will list some of the advantages that come along with modular hyperbaric chamber facilities.  

List of Benefits of Modular Hyperbaric Facilities

  • Completely customizable
  • Built to code
  • Transportable to different locations
  • Reduction of startup time
  • Increased patient comfort

Flexibility of Installation

The sheer size of a multiplace hyperbaric chamber can make it difficult to place in a room.  At times, an entire wall must be taken down to allow for chamber installation.  Proceeding with a modular hyperbaric facility can help to speed up the startup process as well as give you increased flexibility in the customization of your setup.


In many scenarios, it is necessary to have the ability to move the facility from one place to another. This is common in diving decompression chambers as well as certain medical situations.   In these cases it is often best to go with a modular facility, as they are transportable. The modular building that houses the chamber is referred to as a “conex”, or “fly away” container, and can be picked up with a crane and put on the back of a flatbed truck for transportation.

Modular Customization

Here at The Hyperbaric Store, we work with manufacturers that can help you to avoid these time consuming activities by building custom rectangular hyperbaric facilities.  In addition to saving time, these custom rooms allow for medical clinics to be built inside for a true, all in one, hyperbaric center.  The chambers can be built to any size and specification, allowing you to create exactly what you need for your scenario.  If you are on a sensitive time schedule to get your room “chamber ready”, or you don’t have an appropriate room available for use, a custom modular hyperbaric facility could be the perfect solution for you.   

Customization Options of Modular Hyperbaric Facilities

  • Size : Chambers can be built to treat between 6-20+ patients at any given time
  • Maximum operating pressure of 3 ATA or 6 ATA
  • Patient Entertainment Systems
  • Integration of Medical Facility
  • Increased flexibility for number of locks or rooms.

In many scenarios, a modular hyperbaric facility is the best route to go.  They provide an increased flexibility in facility design, are transportable, and can help to reduce the turnaround time from order. Feel free to give us a call today and we can help to facilitate the design and delivery of a modular hyperbaric facility for you.

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