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Reimers Systems 8400D Multiplace

The Reimers 8400D Series is a moderately sized hyperbaric chamber treatment unit that is perfectly suited for medical facilities that treat multiple patients at once.

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


Reimers Systems Inc. has been committed to providing its valued clients with excellent hyperbaric systems and oxygen treatment systems for many years. In fact, since 1994 when the company opened, it has been producing quality systems that are now found in numerous hospitals, research facilities and treatment centers around the globe. While it manufactures numerous models, the Reimers 8400D Series is ideal for use in facilities that provide clinical therapy sessions.

The Reimers 8400D Series multiplace hyperbaric chamber is a hyperbaric chamber treatment unit that is moderately sized and is perfectly suited for medical facilities where there is a need to treat multiple patients. There are various sizes available, and this makes it easy for medical centers and hospitals to find the right model of the 8400D Series for their needs.



Dual lock design that can accommodate between six and eight patients with one attendant
Pressurization of up to 6 PSI per minute and between 3.5 to 6.5 ATA
Extra-large exterior door that measures 30-inches by 60-inches for easy access
Enhanced visibility into the chamber with six 10-inch diameter port windows
Fire suppression system
Entertainment system for patient convenience
Video monitoring and four station communication system
Multiple breathing options, including support for hoods, masks
and nebulizers
Hand washing basin optional as an additional accessory

Multiplace Chambers For Sale

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Reimers Systems 8400D Multiplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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