Reimers Systems 9600D Series Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The Reimers 9600D Series can be used for multiple purposes and was specially designed for treatment for decompression exposure.

Product Description

The task of trying to find the right hyperbaric or oxygen treatment systems to place in your facility can be challenging, but with a closer look at the models available through Reimers Systems Inc., you may find the ideal model for your needs. Reimers Systems Inc. has been actively innovating and manufacturing excellent systems since the company was founded in 1994, and it continues to be committed to developing excellent products for use in medical facilities and research environments around the globe. The Reimers 9600D Series is one of several models manufactured by this brand.

Each of the systems manufactured by Reimers Systems Inc. is designed to comply with most international industry guidelines and requirements for safety and quality, and they are brought to the market in a cost-effective manner. The Reimers 9600D Series has been created specifically for use in a clinical setting for hyperbaric therapy. While it can be used for multiple purposes, it is a model designed for treatment for decompression exposure.

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  • Accommodation of up to four patients in the entry lock and up to 12 patients in the mail lock
  • Seating for up to two attendants with folding jump seats for easy storage
  • Pressurization of up to 6 PSI/minute with up to 6.5 ATA
  • Rectangular exterior door measures 32-inches by 66-inches
  • Ten windows measuring 10-inches in diameter
  • Hoods, nebulizers and masks supported in the chamber
  • Emergency fire system for safety
  • Back-up manual pressurization features
  • Innovative analysis features
  • Advanced patient entertainment system

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