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With over a half-century of innovative designs and quality manufacturing second-to-none, Perry Baromedical is a world leader when it comes to hyperbaric oxygen chambers for use by physicians and individuals. Originally beginning as Perry Submarine Builders in 1956, the company quickly became a leader in hyperbaric chamber technology. By 1969 the company changed its name to Perry Oceanographics, and grew to employ more than 400 people who designed various types of submersibles for use by the United States Military in the North Sea, South China Sea and Gulf of Mexico. A decade later Perry Baromedical was born, and two years later the company delivered its first hyperbaric chamber to South Fraser University in British Columbia for hospital use. From then on the sky has been the limit for the company, and as technology advanced the company expanded into Wound Care and web-based software applications to monitor patients during treatment processes. As the 21st century arrived Perry Baromedical has continued to lead the way in innovation, design and training. By developing the Perry Certification Training Program, the company became the only hyperbaric manufacturer to offer this level of Technician Training and Certification anywhere in the world. Currently one of its most innovative design accomplishments has been the development of the Sigma 40-II Hyperbaric Chamber System, which can accommodate two patients at once in comfortable and adjustable treatment chairs. The only full-line manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers in the world, Perry sells its products to hospitals and wound care clinic programs throughout the world. Specializing in working with children's hospitals, critical access and long-term acute care clinics, Perry Baromedical is committed to easing the suffering of pediatric patients everywhere as well as all who are in need of hyperbaric oxygen treatment therapy. Having built a reputation for integrity and superior quality products, Perry has strived to provide its customers with the best customer service in the industry as well as an opportunity to work with the best engineers in the industry. Always willing to listen to customer ideas, Perry has been able to take customer feedback over the years and incorporate those ideas into its advanced chamber designs. Overall Perry Baromedical is a relatively young company, yet it has achieved many milestones already with many more to come. With a heritage any company would be proud to have, Perry Baromedical is continuing to use advanced technology to lead the way in helping patients.

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