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Equineox Texhnologies offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy with a twist: its clients are all horses. Horse racing, and performing, training, and even breeding all present various dangers to horses, and any horse owner or business runs the risk of a serious equine injury at some point. Every body, human and horse alike, needs oxygen in order to heal. The more oxygen there is in the blood, the faster healing can progress. This is why professional athletes all over the world use hyperbaric therapy to speed healing times after an injury. At the high pressures found inside one of these chambers, the blood holds a lot more oxygen than it normally is capable of. Today, horse owners all over the world are starting to catch onto this trick that athletes have been using for years. Indeed, horses can benefit especially from hyperbaric therapy, as many equine injuries are slow to heal naturally. Equineox is the first company in the world to offer hyperbaric therapy to large animals, and they did so by building their own custom equipment. They offer both one- and two-horse chambers. They also offer specialized chambers built to accommodate mares and foals together. Equineox’s equine hyperbaric chambers come in both stationary models, for long term use, and mobile models for one time use. As a side service they also have smaller chambers for use with smaller animals. Every chamber is built out of steel coated with poly-amide epoxy coating for maximum durability even under high wear conditions. Various timers, monitors, and sensors come equipped on every chamber, so that clients can monitor their prized horses’ conditions and comfort levels. View ports built into the sides allow for visual monitoring. Equineox understands the high emotions that can often go along with an injury to a beloved animal. They pledge to treat all customers with dignity and respect, and to offer them a new alternative to euthanasia even in cases where all other modern medical treatments have failed. To ensure maximum benefit for the client, each Equineox hyperbaric chamber comes with a two day training course in the proper use and maintenance of the equipment.
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