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Selling your Hyperbaric Chamber

Are you looking to sell your hyperbaric oxygen chamber?  

Selling a hyperbaric chamber is a complex process.  A large percentage of used units will need to be reconditioned, a value for your chamber will need to be estimated, a buyer will need to be found, and arrangements for shipping will need to be made.  Here at The Hyperbaric Store, we aim to make this process as smooth as possible.

Start from the Beginning

The first step in selling your hyperbaric chamber is to find the original paperwork from your purchase.  This will contain the answers to many of the questions that you will field during the sales process of your chamber.  You will need to know the make and model of your chamber as well as the year it was produced.  It will be beneficial to know what options were installed upon build as well as the technical specifications in case you are asked about them.   All of this information can be found on the paperwork associated with your chamber.

Does your Hyperbaric Chamber need to be reconditioned?

In order to get top dollar for your hyperbaric chamber, it needs to be in good, working condition.  A local technician can help by visiting your facility and performing a thorough inspection.  Your chamber will be tested to ensure that it meets all necessary industry standards and is ready for resale.  If everything checks out, you will receive a report stating that the chamber meets all requirements and is ready for sale.  If, for some reason it is not, it will need to be reconditioned.

If your unit needs service, we can help.  We regularly recondition used hyperbaric chambers and get them up to code.

Finding a Buyer

One of the most difficult tasks in selling a hyperbaric chamber is finding a buyer.  Because of the sheer size of these vessels, many feel that these transactions are best done locally.  Although it is certainly easier to transport a chamber across town than across the country, it is not always easy to find a local buyer.  In fact, in many situations it can be downright impossible.  There are a few different ways that we can help.

The Hyperbaric Store is buying, we can help. Here is how:

1) We can search for a buyer within our network of clients.

2) We can advertise your chamber here on our website. Please note that any device that we market for sale in the USA must be FDA 510(k) cleared.

3) We might consider a full outright purchase agreement.

Contact us below for a quote. Please have Pictures, Serial #’s and Cycle Counts ready for documentation purposes.

Items we have immediate interest for:

  • Sechrist 3200 Monoplace Chamber
  • Sechrist 3300 Monoplace Chamber
  • Sechrist 3600 Monoplace Chamber
  • Perry Sigma 34 Monoplace Chamber
  • Perry Sigma 40 Monoplace Chamber
  • Any Multiplace Chamber

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