7200 PCCI Hyperbaric Chamber

PCCI 7200 Series Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The 7200 Series of multiplace chambers are designed for clinical hyperbaric therapy applications
including those involving non-saturation decompression exposure. The dual lock design allows for easy
access to the chamber and can be provided with rectangular or round doors per customer requirements. These chambers are designed for use when space is at a premium but an entry lock is desired.

This is PCCI’s most economical system as it provides a comfortable patient experience and quality
care at an exceptional value.

The 7200 Series is available in two sizes. The 7204 is designed to accommodate 2 adults and 2 children/2 adults for treatment. The 7206 is designed to accommodate 3 adults and 3 children/3 adults for treatment

Product Description

The 7200 series chambers are 72 inches internal diameter single or dual lock, typically rated for 4 to 8 occupants. This is PCCI’s smallest clinical Multiplace chamber system that still offers key premium features for maximum patient comfort and safety. Despite its smaller internal diameter, the system comes equipped with walk-in rectangular doors for ease of patient ingress/egress.


  • Rectangular doors with a 30”x 60” (77 cm x 152 cm) opening are available for entry into Entry Lock and Main Lock
  • Six PVHO grade windows are provided in main lock for maximum
  • visibility of the chamber interior.
  • Two PVHO grade windows are provided in the entry lock
  • External canty or internal LED lights are provided throughout the chamber
  • The chamber is equipped with intuitive and easy to use controls

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