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PCCI 1200E Series Equine

The PCCI 1200E Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber is designed to deliver exceptional hyperbaric therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness treatments for equines. Engineered with the highest safety standards, it ensures comfort and ease of operation, making it an ideal choice for equine therapy facilities.

Brand: PCCI
SKU: B2R-PAIN0001-1200E

6 Month Warranty

with extended warranty options


The PCCI 1200E Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber is a solution for hyperbaric therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness applications for equines. Built to the same rigorous safety and quality standards as human hyperbaric chambers, it offers a secure and comfortable environment for equine patients. This chamber features a rectangular door for easy entry and exit, four code-compliant windows for maximum visibility, and LED lighting for enhanced safety and illumination. With intuitive PLC-based or touch screen controls, it allows for precise pressurization and ventilation, ensuring an optimal treatment experience.

The chamber’s design includes a proprietary BIBS mask system for pure oxygen breathing and a deluge-based fire suppression system for maximum safety. Its ergonomic and efficient interior and exterior make it easy to operate and maintain, while the noise-attenuating mufflers provide a quiet, stress-free environment for equines during therapy. Equipped with CCTV systems for continuous monitoring, the PCCI 1200E ensures the highest level of patient care and safety. This versatile chamber can be pressurized with either pure oxygen or air, making it adaptable to various treatment needs.


Pressure Capabilityup to 3 ATA (~30 psig)
Pressurization Rate0-3 psi/min adjustable
Overall HeightApprox. 12’-0” (366 cm)
Interior Ceiling Height9’-2” (279 cm)
Interior Diameter10’-0” (305 cm)
Overall Weight@ 3 ATA Approx. 14,500 lbs
Air Pressurization/Depressurization & Ventilation SystemAir Plant with low maintenance oil-less compressors

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PCCI 1200E Series Equine

6 Month Warranty

with extended warranty options


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