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PCCI 12000 Series Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The 12000 Series of multiplace chambers are designed for clinical hyperbaric therapy applications including treating critical care patients. The triple lock design allows easy ingress and egress while chamber is at depth. The entry lock includes a sink with hot and cold running water.

The triple lock multiplace chamber offers ample room, versatility and provides exceptional
patient comfort.

The 12000 Series is available with seating for 19 – 31 patients and up to 5 attendants.

Product Description

The 12000 Series dual or triple-lock cylindrical chamber system can accommodate up to 30 occupants. Door sills are made flush with the adjoining building floors. The chamber can be either made from a segmented PVHO shell that permits installation in spaces with limited access or from conventional single-piece shells. The chambers come equipped with our state-of-the-art Touchscreen Computer Controls System (TSCS) with manual backups for key life-supporting functions. Chambers are outfitted with reclining chairs, high efficiency climate control and sound attenuation systems that warrants maximum safety and occupant comfort.


  • Accommodate up to 30 occupants
  • Touchscreen Computer Controls Systems (TSCS)
  • Reclining chairs
  • High-efficiency climate control
  • Sound attenuation systems
  • 13 PVHO grade windows and provided in chamber shell for maximum visibility of the chamber interior
  • Segmented PVHO shell fabrication permits installation in locations with limited access and allows for passage through existing doors

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