PCCI 9600 Series chamber

PCCI 9600 Series Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The 9600 Series of multiplace chambers are designed for clinical hyperbaric therapy applications including extended decompression exposer treatments. The entry lock of these chambers are designed to allow ingress and egress during treatment if necessary.

These versatile chambers offer ample room while providing a comfortable and caring patient

The 9600 Series is available with seating for 12 patients up to 4 attendants in the main lock alone.

Product Description

9600 series chambers are 96 inches internal diameter (or 8-ft x 9-ft rectangular), dual or triple lock, rated for 8 to 12 occupants. The 9600 offers all the safety and comfort features of the 12000 series system but are economical, relatively quicker to manufacture and install.


  • Rectangular doors with a 36”x 72” (91 cm x 183 cm) opening are available for entry into Entry Lock and Main Lock
  • Each door is complete with a 10” viewport
  • Eight PVHO grade windows are provided in main lock for maximum visibility of the chamber interior. Two PVHO grade windows are provided in the entry lock
  • External canty or internal LED lights are provided throughout the chamber

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