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We all know that oxygen is vital to our health. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also known as “HBOT”, is well known in the medical world to increase the oxygen saturation in our blood, resulting in many therapeutic benefits. There are a few different types of hyperbaric chambers that serve different purposes.

A “monoplace” chamber is one which treats a single patient at a time, and is typically pressurized by pure oxygen. Because of this pressurization method, there is no need for a hood or mask for your patient. Communication with your patient is typically done via an intercom system. These chambers are constructed from a combination of steel and acrylic, with differing internal diameters, allowing for flexibility in size. At, we sell new, used, and refurbished monoplace hyperbaric chambers to serve the needs of all applications in the industry.

Note: Monoplace prices vary widely, we have created this price guide to answer common questions.

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