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Sechrist 3300HR Monoplace

The Sechrist 3300HR includes readily available ventilation controls to regulate gas flow for thorough oxygen conservation, reducing level of oxygen used throughout treatment.

Brand: Sechrist
SKU: B2R-PAIN0001-3300HR

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


The upgraded Sechrist 3600HR assures that patients have access to the most contemporary equipment in the Hyperbaric System market, offered at highly competitive prices. Moreover, the Sechrist 3600HR is designed with accessible ventilation controls that effectively manage gas flow, optimizing oxygen conservation and minimizing the amount of oxygen consumed during treatments.

The Sechrest Hyperbaric Chamber Model is offered in two distinct configurations, each identified by the suffixes “H” for Standard and “HR” for Reverse. In the Standard “H” setup, the control panel is positioned on the left side when facing the chamber’s entrance, with the door designed to open from left to right. Conversely, the Reverse “HR” configuration places the control panel on the right, with the door opening from right to left. The Sechrist 3600HR represents the company’s forward momentum in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment sphere.

In the lineup of Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers, the 3600HR shines as a pinnacle of exceptional craftsmanship and operational excellence. This state-of-the-art model incorporates previous technological breakthroughs and ushers in innovative features that enhance reliability, patient comfort, and overall system performance.


Emergency Shut-off and Automatic Vent System
Intergrated entertainment system with optional LCD
Customized hyperbaric ventilator for respiratory support
Multiple intravenous transfusion lines
Electrical monitoring including EKG, temperature and blood pressure
Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring
Patient air-break breathing system

Monoplace Chambers For Sale

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Sechrist 3300HR Monoplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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