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Sechrist 4100H Monoplace

The Sechrist 4100H monoplace hyperbaric chamber is the only system that features two emergency vent modes.

Brand: Sechrist

6 Month Warranty

with extended warranty options


The Sechrist 4100H model is one of the leading hyperbaric chamber systems available on the market and one of the more advanced models of its kind. This model is the only monoplace hyberbaric systems that feature two emergency vent modes. Known for its incredible amenities, the Model 4100 hyperbaric chamber features an entertainment system.

Sechrist was founded over 35 years ago in 1973, by Ron Sechrist, a mechanical engineer with a passion for the research and development of new life-saving medical technologies. The passionate engineer had a vision to create some of the most innovative, life-saving medical technologies available in the industries. His commitment to research and development and innovation in the medical industry has resulted in the creation of some of the most exciting technologies available in the industry today.



41” interior with capacity of up to 700 lbs
Emergency shut-off system
Automatic vent system
Decompression rate of 119 seconds
Precision controls for easy viewing and monitoring
Blood pressure, EKG and temperature monitoring mechanisms
Emergency vent rate 30 pig
Temperature range 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity range 30 to 90 percent 77 degree Fahrenheit

Monoplace Chambers For Sale

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Sechrist 4100H Monoplace

6 Month Warranty

with extended warranty options


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