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Sechrist 3600E Monoplace

The Securest 3600E was designed with Oxygen Conservation Mode making it possible to deliver cutting-edge treatment while consuming a minimal amount of oxygen.

Brand: Sechrist
SKU: B2R-PAIN0001-3600E

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


The Sechrist 3600E is a highly-effective monoplace hyperbaric chamber that is designed around efficient oxygen conservation, patient comfort, and patient safety. By addressing these concerns using the latest in Sechrist technology, the 3600E is a hyperbaric chamber that exceeds all expectations when it comes to administering this form of medical treatment. Sechrist has led the way in monoplace hyperbaric technology throughout the United States, installing over 1,300 devices to date. They provide a unique difference in their manufacturing process due to the fact that the vast majority of components that go into their equipment are manufactured in-house to exacting standards.

Sechrist has been in operation over 30 years, developing the experience that allows them to consistently advance innovation in hyperbaric technology. Their manufacturing facilities are some of the most advanced on the globe, integrating acrylic casting, machining procedures that are state-of-the-art, and both assembly and testing floors that ensure quality construction.

The 3600E comes out of their facilities with the patented Oxygen Conservation Mode. Thanks to this advance, patients are able to receive cutting-edge treatment while the equipment only consumes a minimal amount of oxygen. The machine automatically makes the transition from high-flow nitrogen settings to low ventilation flow when the treatment reaches it peak.

The technology that Sechrist brings to the table with the 3600E is unlike most that are offered by conventional hyperbaric chambers of this kind. It comes with a Comfort Profile that compresses the chamber at a variable rate in order to ease the process of ear pressure equalization. The Electronic Control Module works with practitioners in order to provide unique safety features. The Safe State Environment settings will protect the patient in the event of any system failure that may occur. There are also audio and visual alarms that carefully monitor the internal environment of the chamber at all times.



A 13 minute minimum at 95 percent oxygen levels
Drastically reduced requirements for oxygen supply
Compression purge rate of 400 L/min.
Low patient noise level for ideal comfort

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Sechrist 3600E Monoplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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