Sechrist 2800 Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The Sechrist 2800 features an elegant combination of design and function to create a machine of superior overall performance and quality.

Product Description

Sechrist’s 2800 is one the company’s most dependable products to emerge in the field of hyperbaric treatment. As a primary leader and prominent force behind advancement in hyperbaric medicine, Sechrist has made a huge impact in furthering the scientific research of clinicians in this field for decades. In addition to excelling in the knowledge and production of this kind of technology, they have served to drive the ethical business practices that have become standards in this industry.

The Sechrist 2800 stands out among the machines in the Sechrist Hyperbaric Line with its elegant combination of design and function to create a machine of superior overall performance and quality. This new machinery utilizes the time-tested technological advancements in the field while introducing brand new, state-of-the-art features that improve overall functionality, reliability and safety.

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  • Pneumatic operation
  • Intercom for private communication
  • Comfortable stretcher and gurney easily handled by one person
  • Control panel on either side of chamber for operational flexibility
  • Redundant protection from over-pressurization
  • Durable metal chamber components
  • Non-sparking materials
  • Quick-opening door and emergency vent for fast access
  • Safety interlocks that prevent door opening when pressurized
  • Grounded system
  • Low interior and exterior noise levels
  • Chamber maneuverability
  • Low set-up/installations costs

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