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Sechrist 3600H Monoplace


The H series is the top of the line model offered by Sechrist.  The H series has a lower profile than normal models allowing for an easier and safer access of the patient to the gurney.  This particular model has a spacious internal diameter of 36″, a hydraulic gurney, and goes to 3 ATA, pressurized with pure oxygen.

Brand: Sechrist
SKU: B2R-PAIN0001-3600H

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


For sale is a Sechrist 3600H monoplace hyperbaric chamber. This unit has had one single owner, and is in excellent condition.  The chamber has had annual inspections done and is up to date.  It has a large internal diameter of 36″. A hydraulic patient gurney with a deluxe wide stretcher is included. Additional accessories include a patient grounding strap and cord, battery pack, hoses and adapters for installation and a spare parts kit.  One pillow is included with the hydraulic patient gurney.




Diameter36" (Spacious)
Pressurized to 3 ATA
Hydraulic Patient Gurneysupporting up to 700 lbs
TraysFlat and tilt patient
IncludesBattery pack, hoses, and grounding strap
Annual Maintenance Logs w/ Inspection Certificates Included
One Pillow included w/ Hydraulic Patient Gurney
One Owner w/ Title

Monoplace Chambers For Sale

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Sechrist 3600H Monoplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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