Sechrist 3600H Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

Price: $67,995

The H series is the top of the line model offered by Sechrist.  The H series has a lower profile than normal models allowing for an easier and safer access of the patient to the gurney.  This particular model has a spacious internal diameter of 36″, a hydraulic gurney, and goes to 3 ATA, pressurized with pure oxygen.


Product Description

For sale is a 2010 Sechrist 3600H Hyperbaric Chamber. This unit has had one single owner, is in excellent condition, and has a low cycle count of 3589.  The chamber has had annual inspections done and is up to date.  It has a large internal diameter of 36″. A hydraulic patient gurney with a deluxe wide stretcher is included. Additional accessories include a patient grounding strap and cord, battery pack, hoses and adapters for installation and a spare parts kit.  One pillow is included with the hydraulic patient gurney.




  • Spacious 36″ Diameter
  • Pressurized to 3 ATA
  • Low Dive Cycle Count of 3635
  • Hydraulic Patient Gurney supporting up to 700 lbs
  • Flat and tilt patient Trays
  • Includes battery pack, hoses, and grounding strap
  • Annual Maintenance Logs w/ Inspection Certificates Included
  • One Pillow included w/ Hydraulic Patient Gurney
  • One Owner w/ Title

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