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Sechrist 3200R Monoplace

The 3200R chamber is a monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber designed for use in clinical environments requiring critical care support.  All of the pressure retaining parts such as the tie rods, doors, and end caps are constructed of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approved aluminum and stainless steel.  This chamber has a pneumatic control system and can operate on oxygen or air via a built-in gas selection panel.

Brand: Sechrist
SKU: B2R-PAIN0001-3200R

6 Month Warranty

with extended warranty options


The Sechrist 3200R and 32000 monoplace hyperbaric chamber unit is in excellent condition after having recently been refurbished and reconditioned by Sechrist and has a low cycle count.  A patient gurney with a deluxe wide stretcher is included.  Additional accessories include a patient grounding strap and cord, hoses and adapters for installation and a spare parts kit. The 3200 has a control panel on the left side of the chamber, while the 3200R has a control panel on the right side. The 3200R also has a door that opens from right to left, which is known as a reverse configuration.


Diameter Spacious 32" Internal
Maximum Pressure 3.0 ATA
Respiratory support Using the Sechrist hyperbaric ventilator
Multiple intravenous infusion lines
Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring
Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
May be pressurized with oxygen or air via a built-in gas selection panel
An emergency vent system allows the chamber to be depressurized within 60 seconds or less

Monoplace Chambers For Sale

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Sechrist 3200R Monoplace

6 Month Warranty

with extended warranty options


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