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  • Tekna MFG is a true OEM, turning flat plates of steel into finished pressure vessels. In business since 1989, the founders of TEKNA have been involved with diving medicine since 1973 and hyperbaric medicine since 1976.
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  • With over a half-century of innovative designs and quality manufacturing second-to-none, Perry Baromedical is a world leader when it comes to hyperbaric oxygen chambers for use by physicians and individuals.
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  • Sechrist Industries, Inc. is the world’s premier manufacturer of medical hyperbaric chambers, infant respiratory ventilators and medical gas mixers.
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Does Hyperbaric Store recommend Soft Mild Chambers? 

The short answer is no, we do not. Mild Hyperbaric Chambers came out of the need to treat high altitude sickness. For medical treatments and other therapeutic treatments we do not recommend mild bags. True FDA certified Hyperbaric Chambers are steel, industrial grade equipment. If you would like to discuss this further feel free to contact one of our Hyperbaric Specialists today.