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OxyHeal 4000 Hyperbaric Chamber
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OxyHeal 4000 Multiplace

The OxyHeal 4000 Cylindrical Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber System Product Family is comprised of a multiplace hyperbaric chamber and a number of major subsystems that support the overall system
operation, control, and monitoring.

Brand: OxyHeal

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


The OxyHeal 4000 Cylindrical Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber is a pressure vessel for human
occupancy (PVHO) that is designed in a horizontally orientated cylindrical geometry. Chamber
configurations vary based on the needs of the end user, and may be designed and manufactured in one (1),
two (2), or three (3), compartment configurations. Patient capacities may range anywhere from four (4) to
twenty-four (24) dependent on chamber size, number of compartments, or the direction provided by the
customer to meet their needs. Lastly, maximum operating pressures range from 3ATA (~30psi) to 6ATA
(~73.5psi), with each of the compartments designed to operate independently


The chamber is six feet (6’0”) feet diameter by 21’ long divided into two (2) compartments
A main compartment (Main Lock) of 18’ 4”
An entry compartment (Transfer Lock) of 2’ 8”
3ATA (30psi) to 6ATA (73.5psi)
1000,000 ft altitude
3 Bench Seats 12 person capability
The ML contains fourteen (12) supply and exhaust connection points

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OxyHeal 4000 Multiplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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