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HBOT Professional Services

Getting started with your new hyperbaric facility is a complex process. You will need to find the perfect site for your business, which must comply with numerous safety regulations. If you are using an existing location, we will help you to ensure that it does. If you are building your facility, we will help you to ensure that you are building it in compliance with codes. An official inspection by a fire marshall will need to take place, and we will help facilitate that meeting.

You will need in depth training on HBOT medicine. We provide it. Below is a list of services that we provide to ensure that you can move forward in your venture with confidence and that it will be safe and compliant with all regulations.


  • “Business of Hyperbaric Therapy” Seminar
    • We offer a seminar for those considering opening a hospital or freestanding HBOT center. The seminar is typically conducted over a weekend near Tampa, Florida. Participants who bring a recent PA & Lateral chest film may experience hyperbaric exposures in both Class A and Class B HBOT systems. If you have 5 or more persons, we will bring the seminar to your site.
      • POCD (Point of Connection Drawings)
        • If you provide us with digitized drawings of your proposed building site, we will provide you with a POCD showing what is required to comply with NFPA 99-2015 National Fire Codes and Med-Gas Plumbing.
      • Demographics
        • As an introduction to Hyperbaric Store Consulting Services we will provide you with demographics associated with your proposed market footprint.
      • Commercial Review with Fire Marshall
        • We will provide a commercial review with a fire marshall to help eliminate problems with site selection for HBOT operations
      • Site Suitability Surveys
        • We provide surveys that will confirm that a site is suitable for HBOT operations and is required by our FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Manual.
      • Best Pricing on Liquid Oxygen
        • We will help you find the most competitive pricing on liquid medical grade oxygen for your center.
      • In-Service Training
        • We provide In-Service Training with all of our installations, at no extra cost. Certificates are issued to all of your staff that attends the complete training course. Certificates are not issued to those who partially attend the training.

Learn more about our Hyperbaric Business Operating Services here.


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