Hyperbaric Business Operating Services

Business Planning

  • Concept Development and Business Planning
    • HBOT/WC only (One month fee of $7500)
      • Include existing practice services (Additional One month fee of $7500)
    • Review existing Business Plan ($1000 fee)
  • Site Qualification – ($1750 fee each site)
  • Practice and Patient Experience Evaluation – Existing Practice ($1750 fee)
  • Financing – Rates and package are determined on an individual basis.

Developmental Phase

Developmental Phase

Planning and Development – (Three month fee at $7500 per month)

  • Facility Design and Pre-Development oversight
  • Information Management and Technology oversight
  • Equipment and Supplies oversight
  • Build-Out oversight
  • Practice and Patient Experience Integration

Insurance Credentialing and Contracting

  • Provide credentialing for Group Practice and one (1) Physician through three (3) select Carriers (Four month fee at $7500 per month)
    • Addition Physicians during initial application ($1000 fee each)
    • Additional initial Carrier ($500 fee each)
  • Credential Physician to an Carrier established Practice ($1500 fee each)
  • Build CAQH Profile ($750 fee each Physician)
  • Existing Practice Insurance Contract renegotiation for HBO add-on (Two Month fee at $7500 per month)

Center Accreditation Preparedness (Center must provide its own complete set of required documents or utilize TPS MSO subscription documents).

  • Hyperbaric (One Month fee of $7500)
  • AAAHC (Two Month fee at $7500 per month)
  • Joint Commission (Two Months fee at $7500 per month)
  • Medicare (Two Month fee at $7500 per month)

Operational Phase

Operational Phase

Medical Service Organization (MSO) – (Initial implementation – One month fee of $7500)

  • Core Services (Base monthly subscription fee of $2000 plus % of revenue monthly)
  • EHR/Billing/PM
    • Proprietary Online Electronic-Heath-Record, Practice-Management and Full-Service Outsource Billing system.
    • Existing EHR integration (Subscription fee increased)
  • Supply
    • Proprietary Group Purchasing Organization
  • Hyperbaric Guru SystemTM Includes:


  • Business
    • Customize select administrative templates
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Forms
  • Financial
    • Customize financial and record-keeping templates
    • Financial Policies and Procedures for hyperbaric services.
    • Establish general carrier billing matrix and rules engine
    • Establish charge master (procedure/diagnostic codes and fees)
    • Develop standardized management reports (utilization and financial performance of the hyperbaric program).
    • Train staff on business processes.
    • Practice Management software implementation, software training and support of Proprietary System.
    • Integrate hyperbaric services into business systems (including charge capture, billing, claims processing, and accounts receivables).
  • Human Resources
    • Complete HR Questionnaire and review
    • Customize Employee Handbook Template
    • Employee Orientation and Assessment
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Forms
    • Staffing matrix and qualifications
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employee Orientation and Assessment
  • Sales, Marketing and Public Education
    • Customize select templates
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Training and implementation of promotional techniques
    • Provide Marketing Plan and Guidelines
    • Provide Marketing Budget reviews and ROI assessment
  • Hyperbaric and Wound Care Program Implementation
    • Hyperbaric Clinic
      • Customize select operational templates
      • Policies, Procedures and treatment protocols
      • Safety, maintenance, emergency, patient care
    • Wound Program
      • Customize select operational templates
      • Policies, Procedures and treatment protocols
      • Integration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy into wound care protocols
      • Standardized documentation
      • Continuous monitoring of Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives and Outcomes
    • Access to Medical Reference and Research Materials
      • Treatment Protocol References
      • Educational Materials
      • Case Studies
      • Suggested in-house library
    • Hyperbaric and Wound Care Training
      • Customize select training templates
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Conduct initial staff competency assessments
      • Provide recommendation to preferred third party courses for staff and MDs
      • Provide on-site Proctoring for specific HBO and Wound Care Certification Exams
      • Provide access to Continuing Education Modules
      • Hyperbaric Guru SystemTM Training
    • On-Going Oversight and Support
      • Conduct an annual site visit and review and submit recommendations to promote improved operations.
      • Updates to the Hyperbaric Guru System™
      • Help-desk Support
        • Provide Support Services for the Hyperbaric Guru SystemTM via Telephone, Email and Video Conferencing.
      • Add-on services (Increase in monthly subscription fee)
        • Practice Oversight Dashboard
        • Complete Human Resources
        • Advanced Enterprise IT and Communication oversite
        • Marketing and Branding oversite
        • Monthly Marketing Plan review
        • Patient Concierge Customer Relations oversite
        • Provide quarterly financial and patient audits