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Perry Sigma 34 Monoplace

For sale the Perry Sigma 34 Hyperbaric Chamber.  This chamber has never been put into clinical use and is essentially a brand new chamber.  It has a spacious internal diameter of 34″ and includes a deluxe patient entertainment system with a 22″ LCD Flat Panel Display.  A Stryker Hydraulic Adjustable Transfer Gurney w/ Stretcher is also included.


90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


The 34 inch acrylic cylinder of the Perry Sigma 34 hyperbaric chamber allows patients to be inclined up to 25 degrees, thereby alleviating the feeling of confinement. This model is easy to install or relocate. Mounted on heavy duty casters, it is maneuverable around corners and hallways and fits through standard doorways. Low initial investment, and a minimum space, staffing and facility renovation requirements make the Sigma 34 ideal for new program start-up or increasing a program’s patient capacity.



Spacious 34" Diameter
Pressurized to 3 ATA
Stryker Hydraulic Patient Gurney supporting up to 500 lbs
Deluxe Patient Entertainment System
Maximum Patient Comfort
Highest Level of Reliability and Safety

Monoplace Chambers For Sale

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Perry Sigma 34 Monoplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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