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SMP Twinlock Diver Decompression Multiplace

The SMP Twinlock multiplace hyperbaric chamber standard commercial twin lock specification was designed to meet harsh offshore environments and includes a range of optional extra features.

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


SMP’s Twinlock multiplace hyperbaric chamber is the latest medical-based chamber offered by one of the leading suppliers of commercial diving equipment in the world. For more than two decades, Submarine Manufacturing & Products Limited (SMP LTD) has been manufacturing superior quality hyperbaric chambers in a range of sizes and specifications to suit all individualized needs. As registered members of the IMCA, customers can rest assured that all SMP hyperbaric chambers are fully compliant with high standards. Based in Lancashire, United Kingdom, SMP is an award-winning hyperbaric chamber manufacturer that provides the highest levels of safety and new innovative technology.

The Twinlock Hyperbaric Chamber is no exception to the high quality of SMP models, specifically manufactured to exceed all international requirements. With its standard commercial twinlock specification, the hyperbaric chamber is able to meet the harsh offshore environment. Outfitting of the chamber varies on the individual clients’ requirements since the chamber is fully customizable with a range of optional extra features. The Twinlock Hyperbaric Chamber is available in three different diameters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, or 2 meters.



Low-pressure oxygen and air gauges (0/80 FSW gauges or 230 FWS/70m gauges)
Tungham, stainless steel, and brass pipe work on all controls
Pressure relief valves on every lock
Mounted with a minimum of three viewports and medical lock fitted
Range of customizable extras, including thermo hygrometer, emergency heating, hyperbaric mattresses, back pressure regulator, sound powered phone, TV camera monitoring, hyperbaric fire extinguisher, LED lights, or DDC medical kit
Spacious room for two people laying down or four people sitting in the bunks
One entry lock and two main locks
Standard SMP Intercom System for communications
Digital Oxygen Analyzer with high/low alarms
Each lock equipped with oxygen overboard dump masks or hoods

Multiplace Chambers For Sale

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SMP Twinlock Diver Decompression Multiplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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