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SMP Limited Multiplace

The SMP Limited Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber features fully-reinforced bulkheads and can treat 2-18 patients at the same time.

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


Submarine Manufacturing & Products Limited has over twenty years of experience producing high-quality diving equipment. Everything is manufactured with the force of expertise behind it to exacting and rigorous professional standards. Their hyperbaric oxygen chamber is an example of the quality they bring to the industry.

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Capacity on demand. Models of this chamber can be built to accommodate 2 to 18 clients simultaneously.
Integrated waiting room. It is often necessary to have a medical professional or other individual close at hand during oxygen therapy. The integrated waiting room structure outside the pressurized chamber enables this.
Fully-reinforced bulkheads. These hyperbaric chambers are exceedingly durable, as they ought to be for their purposes.
Pressure provided by a three-phase electric compressor. Three-phase electrical systems are preferable for compressors as they allow for more balanced electric motors, which are more stable and much quieter.
Secondary air bank.
Fire suppression systems are available at your option.

Multiplace Chambers For Sale

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SMP Limited Multiplace

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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