HiperTech Calipso Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

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The Calipso Monoplace Chamber by HiperTech was designed for use in smaller facilities as well as larger medical centers where individual chambers are required for patients.

Product Description

When searching for the right hyperbaric chamber to use in your facility, you need to find the right model for your needs at a price that works well with your budget. Many medical facilities around the world have invested in the HiperTech Calipso Monoplace Chamber. This innovative chamber from HiperTech is loaded with advanced features and has a space-saving design. HiperTech is a reputable company that manufactures its products in Istanbul in one of the largest and most advanced facilities of its kind in the world. All of its products are manufactured in compliance with EU and CE standards, and they also are in compliance with EN14931, DNV and IMCA standards.

The small design of the Calipso Monoplace Chamber by HiperTech makes it ideal for use in smaller facilities as well as larger medical centers where individual chambers are desired for patients. While this unit is smaller in size, it has a large, roomy interior for the comfort of patients.

For many medical facilities and hospitals, the Calipso Monoplace Chamber from HiperTech is the ideal solution. Because of the small size of this unit and its relative affordability, it is also suitable for personal use.

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  • Pneumatic operation communication system with low external noise
  • for improved audio function
  • Improved chamber maneuverability
  • Advanced control panel with easy operation functions
  • Quick-opening door and emergency vent
  • Exterior construction made with durable, non-sparking steel
  • Working pressure of 3,0 Bar and test over pressure of 4,5 Bar
  • Large window made from PMMA
  • 300mm door

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