Note: Hipertech is not 510(k) cleared yet. If you need help securing a Hyperbaric Chamber that is 510(k) compliant contact us today.

HiperTech is among the most established manufacturers of clinical medical equipment research medical equipment in the world, and it is known for bringing hyperbaric treatment technology and other types of related vessels to the market in a cost-effective manner. This India-based company makes an effort to regularly innovate new designs and to improve upon its existing models of chambers and vessels to benefit its clients, and it manufactures its products in one of the largest facilities of its kind. All of its products are produced in a large, state-of-the-art Istanbul facility that spans across 2500 square meters.

Many of HiperTech’s products today are being utilized in medical facilities like hospitals and oxygen treatment centers around the globe, and other products are used in research labs, support and rescue environments and more. All of its products comply with European Union standards for safety and quality, and they are also designed to comply with other standards, such as DNV, IMCA, EN14931 and others. HiperTech’s various models of chambers and research equipment are reliable, safe to use and highly effective. Just some of the many types of products produced by this company include monoplace and multiplace hyperbaric chambers, diving chambers, research chambers, HBO automation and more. For each of these types of equipment available, there are multiple models of equipment for consumers to invest in. They are all designed to provide the user with maximum functionality for specific purposes and to be a cost-effective solution.

HiperTech is truly a leader in the production of pressure vessels and hyperbaric chambers, and those who are in the market to purchase this type of equipment should spend time reviewing the different features of the models manufactured by HiperTech. More information about the company’s many durable and functional models can be found on their site.

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