Gulf Coast Hyperbarics

Gulf Coast Hyperbarics, located in Lynn Haven, FL has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of hyperbaric systems for the medical community. With over 30 years of experience, the company has the experience, innovation and commitment to quality and safety that makes them the best. Working closely with their customers, all of their chambers are custom-designed based on customer needs. The chambers are designed not only to be cutting-edge now, but in the years ahead. In fact, systems that are given routine maintenance and care are able to be used for over 50 years.

Established in 1984 by engineer Jim McCarthy, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics uses people with a wide array of knowledge in mechanical, biomedical and hyperbaric engineering to design the best possible systems for customers. All designing, manufacturing and machining is done on-site in Lynn Haven, enabling the company to oversee all aspects of their chambers to ensure they meet the high standards of the company. One fact that makes Gulf Coast stand out from other companies is that their hyperbaric facilities are turnkey operations, meaning they are essentially ready to go upon arrival. Upon delivery, the customer receives 3-5 days of training on the new system. Along with a set of operating and emergency procedures, training booklets and schematic drawings customers are given ample opportunity to ask any questions they may have. To prove their commitment to customer service, Gulf Coast will not consider the training session completed until the customer is totally satisfied.

A company that prides itself on achieving success under pressure, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics is recognized the world over for its quality equipment and excellent customer service. Used by healthcare providers from the United States Army, NASA and NOAA Gulf Coast Hyperbarics is respected around the globe for working with clients to make sure projects are done correctly and within budget constraints. Featuring such products as a Rectangular Double-Lock Hyperbaric Chamber with seating for up to 12 patients, this chamber is designed to make the treatment process much more pleasant and easy for both patients and medical staff.

Designing chambers that look like the stuff of science-fiction, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics has put itself in position as the industry leader in hyperbaric technology. By continuing to satisfy a varied clientele who have high expectations and specific needs, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics will continue to be the company called upon by those who want the best.

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