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Sechrist 3600H Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

The Sechrist 3600H features exceptional ability to monitor and collect data, with digital modules that allow for Oxygen Conservation Mode and Automatic Ventilation System for increased safety parameters.

Brand: Sechrist

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


Sechrist is steadily increasing the efficiency of hyperbaric chambers available on today’s market with instruments such as the 3600H. This hyperbaric chamber takes its place as the flagship machine for the already outstanding line of equipment that Sechrist has released to date. The dedicated professionals that make up the Sechrist staff have made it their mission to advance technological solutions where it comes to medical treatments in the field of hyperbarics. Their influence is worldwide, and their equipment is one of the top choices for physicians and clinics that represent the very best on the globe.

By combining efficiency with cost-effective technology, they are able to improve patient care on a variety of levels. For over 35 years, the difference has been evident. Sechrist takes advantage of leading technology and builds on its success in order to advance the science of healthcare.

The 3600H is manufactured in the United States in the independently-maintained manufacturing facilities of Sechrist. The product is extremely durable, giving medical facilities the ability to treat patients in excess of 700 pounds. The potential of any facility will be dramatically expanded with the addition of this equipment. Complete comfort control, low maintenance requirements, and highly-refined functioning are just the beginning of the advantages that the 3600H has to offer.

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An air-break breathing system for patients
Comprehensive monitoring that includes EKG, blood pressure, and temperature
Multiple lines for intravenous transfusion
Monitoring of transcutanious oxygen

Monoplace Chambers For Sale

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Sechrist 3600H Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

90 Days Warranty

with extended warranty options


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