Hyperbaric Chambers

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  • SMP Twinlock Diver Decompression Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

    The SMP Twinlock Hyperbaric Chamber standard commercial twin lock specification was designed to meet harsh offshore environment and includes a range of optional extra features.
  • Tekna 6 ATA 7200 Double Lock w/ Rectangular Door

    For sale is a Tekna 7200 model Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber.  This chamber has a large 72" internal diameter, and has a spacious main lock as well as an entry lock and a medical service lock.  The chamber is fit with a rectangular door for easy wheelchair access. Includes:
    • Warranty: 1 year from installation
    • Specs: 72" Internal Diameter, 6 ATA, Seating for 9+1 in ML, 2 in EL.
    • Features: new oil-less, medical grade air compressor system, a fire suppression system, and a state of the art control console.
    • Pricing: Call us for special pricing.
  • Tekna 72 inch Double Lock 10+1 6 ATA

    The 72” ID double lock 6 ATA hyperbaric therapy system seats 11 patients +1 attendant and high resolution monitors for the clearest view.
  • Sale!

    Tekna Monoplace Hybrid 4000

    For sale is a new Tekna Hybrid 4000 Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. Tekna utilizes a unique design, creating a "half steel, half acrylic" chamber which provides for a much safer environment than their all acrylic counterparts.  This is achieved through the presence of a steel fire wall that is placed between any source of fire, and the area where your patients will be lying for treatment.
  • Tekna Multiplace 5100 Single Lock

    Multiplace 5100 Single Lock