Tekna Manufacturing

Tekna MFG is a true OEM, turning flat plates of steel into finished pressure vessels. In business since 1989, the founders of TEKNA have been involved with diving medicine since 1973 and hyperbaric medicine since 1976. Tekna’s Class A Multiplace and Class B Monoplace HBOT systems have been FDA 510(k) cleared since 12/07/2000 and all pressure vessels are ASME, National Board, and NFPA-99 and PVHO-1 code compliant. Tekna’s class C systems are ASME and NFPA compliant to the latest addenda. Tekna is also the only OEM that produces custom (non-lubricated) medical air packages that are designed specifically for HBOT. Other benefits include: custom designs at no additional cost, delivery and installation worldwide, in-service training (included with your purchase), and a range of other training and consulting programs.

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