ETC Biomedical Systems

When it comes to premium hyperbaric chambers, nobody has led the way more so than ETC Biomedical Systems. Stepping into the clinical hyperbaric area in 1971, ETC hit the ground running and has not stopped since. A company dedicated to safety, technological innovation and cost-effectiveness it has been able to provide customers worldwide with a product unlike any other.

Continuing to be at the top of the class in equipment design, operational procedures and HBOT management the company is committed to its research and development procedures. Always keeping informed of the latest market activity, ETC is always able to serve whatever emerging needs are desired in a vast array of markets. One of its greatest achievements is the development of “smart” chambers. Through the development of computerized hyperbaric chambers, ETC is able to meet the clinical needs of almost any medical facility. For example, its BARA-MED XD Hyperbaric Chamber comes complete with all standard features, yet is capable of accommodating patients weighing up to 700 pounds.

A leader in the treatment of diving accidents, ETC also has Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers recognized as some of the best in the industry for treating divers. Using its BARA-PRESS computerized technology, it has seen itself through four generations of development since 1987. A worldwide company, ETC has recently contracted with companies in Saudi Arabia and Romania to provide its hyperbaric chambers to assist with the medical needs of patients across the globe.

Always at the ready to serve its customers, ETC offers a full range of service and training with its chambers. Holding lectures at its corporate headquarters in Southampton, PA the company is prepared to offer a comprehensive, technically-oriented training program for its clients. With the curriculum including an introduction to hyperbaric medicine as well as fire safety, software basics and troubleshooting ETC is always ready to assist customers with any of their concerns and questions.

From all around the world, testimonials from satisfied customers have continued to pour in. Agreeing that ETC has made a revolutionary contribution to hyperbaric medicine in helping to alleviate patient suffering and discomfort, customers everywhere agree the chambers are extremely user-friendly, and whenever there is a question all that’s needed is a quick phone call to a technician to help resolve the problem. As the field of hyperbaric medicine continues to advance, there’s no doubt ETC Biomedical Systems will be at the forefront of any major developments.

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